Travel to the Lodge

Air transportation to Cabarete Maravilla Eco Lodge is getting easier and cheaper every year. You can fly into Puerto Plata (POP), Santiago (STI), Santo Domingo (SDQ) or Punta Cana (PUJ).

Once you touch the ground in the Dominican Republic, we take care of the rest and we organize your pick by private car, jeep, taxi, mini-van or even by bus if needed. Just let us know your flight number and arrival date and we will bring you to Cabarete Eco Lodge comfortably and safely, and you will discover beautiful landscapes and sights along the way

Airlines you can fly with (twice weekly to PUJ) , from Brussels to SDQ and PUJ every day of the week. from Germany to SDQ, PUJ, POP , Paris to SDQ and PUJ from Germany to SDQ, PUJ, POP ,, from Germany to SDQ, PUJ, POP , Frankfurt‎, Düsseldorf‎, London‎ Europe to POP, STI, SDQ, PUJ from Toronto, Montreal to POP, SDQ, PUJ ,, from Madrid / Barcelona to SDQ , and from Europe, Miami, New York, Newark, Atlanta .. to SDQ, POP, STI and PUJ